Product Spotlight: Monitor Arms

With more people working off flat-panel monitors than ever before, a flexible, strong and adjustable monitor arm is an essential tool in the modern office. Here are a few of our best-sellers.

AllSteel’s ZW8 Series Monitor Arm

The ZW8 Series monitor arms from AllSteel provide versatile adjustability with a refined design. This monitor arm offers a slim profile when in the folded position, making it ideal for workstations with a shallow worksurface depth. ZW8 monitor arms offer multiple points of adjustment, including 360° swivel at two points with a gas spring technology that provides smooth and effortless movement. With the flexibility to customize the depth, height, tilt, and lateral placement of the monitor, individuals can ease neck, eye, and shoulder strain for optimum comfort and improved ergonomics.

This series also includes single- and dual-monitor configurations, heavy-duty monitor arms for heavy monitor support, adjustable laptop tray for space efficiency, and a tool tile and rail mount.


HumanScale’s M2 Monitor Arm

Humanscale’s range of robust monitor arms offers ultimate stability, sleek design and effortless functionality. They instantly create a more dynamic and comfortable workstation. 

The M2 embodies what a monitor arm should be, allowing the user to work in a healthy posture by setting the monitor at an optimal distance and height. Collaboration is made easier through effortless screen sharing, and desk space is increased. The M2’s seamless cable management and minimal design enhances the look of any workstation.

This is a sample selection of the monitor arms that are available through Office Interiors.

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