Design for workplace movement and wellness

via AllSteel

Workplace safety and health considerations have always been important, but the immediate concerns of disease and infection have intensified and accelerated the need for health considerations. As we think about healthy workplaces today, many are focusing on mitigating the spread of diseases. The importance of these considerations cannot be overstated, but let’s not lose sight of other considerations that keep employees holistically healthy, comfortable, and productive.

Although we have been presented with innumerable difficulties forced by COVID, it has given us an opportunity to refocus on user experience and redefine health, safety, and wellbeing. I am hopeful that our focus on safety continues well past our consideration of ‘first day back in the office.’ Instead, I hope our workplaces and cultures continue to fully support the human-centric considerations needed to foster not only psychological safety but also health, well-being, and productivity.

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