Work space Geometry with AllSteel

When a space is well designed and comfortable, we notice. However, not nearly as much as when it's poorly put together. We read AllSteel's guide on Work Geometry, and love that all of the tips and metrics were exactly how our design team thinks of your spaces. Whether it is a waiting or meeting room, a conference room or employee lounge, our designers want to make sure that the users will be comfortable the entire time. We can all recall a time when a chair was a snug height for a table with a long lip across the bottom, or the opposite, when the matched seating was the wrong height for a table and we felt like a little kid at mom's dinner table. The ergonomics and geometry of seated spaces are important. It would be great if everyone remembered them for their comfort, and we surely don't want to invest in a space that people remember for all of the wrong reasons. Design with our team, and your space will be memorable and comfortable. Read more about just some of their considerations in AllSteel's Work Geometry.