5 Creative Ways to Use Laminate Flooring on Walls


Although this article mainly addresses how to use laminate as a wall covering in the home, we love the transfer of application to a commercial space. Whether warming up your lobby or reception area, adding a little something extra to your bathrooms, or creating a feature wall for your organization’s awards, the possibilities are endless. Check out more ideas below.

by Tim Rasmussen at Creative Home by Mohawk Flooring

The most popular trend in laminate flooring has nothing to do with your floors. More and more, everyone from DIYers to high-end designers are installing laminate flooring on walls. That’s right—walls.

If you’re suddenly having flashbacks to your grandmother’s laminate wood-paneled walls, hold on a second. A lot has changed in the flooring industry since grandma’s day! For one thing, laminate visuals are more realistic than ever. Mohawk has many laminate designs that hit all the trends and can fit any style—traditional, weathered wood, multi-width planks, high-contrast variations and muted neutrals, just to name a few.

Stylistically, there have never been more options in laminate than there are right now. It looks real and even feels real. Go for a vintage look with a textured plank, or opt for the sleek modernism of smooth laminate.

Laminate flooring has come such a long way. It’s easy to install, affordable, strong, durable and easy to clean. These are qualities you want whether the laminate lives on your floor or on your walls. Keep reading for five creative ways you can make a big style statement in your home with a little effort and some Mohawk laminate flooring.