Our Team

Our company’s mission is to honor God and act with integrity in all we do; to help our people develop while pursuing excellence and growing profitability. 

Ryan Heimke


Ryan joined Office Interiors in August 2016 as a partner and President and became sole owner in January 2020. Ryan's extensive background in sales, business development and business ownership has equipped him to lead Office Interiors into a bright new future.


901-372-0023 (O) 

901-206-6072 (M)


Steve Gilmore
Chief Operating Officer

Linda Mabry
Accounting Manager

Ernie Rowlett
Operations Manager

Kathie Ward
Support Manager

Brian Williams
VP of Business Development

Karen Russell
FedEx Team Manager

Team Members

Kerri Almond
National Accounts

Marianne Bamrick
Project Coordinator, National Accounts

Kat Baxter
Customer Service Representative

Nancy Berliner
Sales Account Manager

Sam Burden
Interior Designer and Project Manager

April Carnell
CSR & Commercial Cleaner Coordinator

Emily Crawford
Sales Account Manager

Klynn Gray
Interior Designer and Project Manager

Susan Hurley

Marvella Jones
Interior Designer and Project Manager

Rebecca Menius
Interior Designer and Space Planner

Carl Ray
Space Planner and Designer

Carson Rowe

Sales Account Manager

Alex Webb

Interior Designer and Project Manager