Benefits to a clean, organized workspace

A clean and well-organized workspace not only reduces the risk of getting sick but also improves your productivity, as well as your personal and professional image (via

Follow this checklist to improve your workplace hygiene:

  • Remove the clutter and arrange the paperwork.

  • When you’ve freed up space on your desk, wipe it several times with a wet cloth.

  • Use an office disinfectant to spray and wipe your desk, computer, mouse, smartphone, and literally every item or spot you touch often during the day.

  • To keep bacteria at bay, never eat at your desk. Not only food creates desk grime, smell, and overall uncleanliness – it also looks nasty to your colleagues.

  • Make cleaning a habit (e.g., straighten your desk at the end of each workday, wipe and disinfect your workspace every second day, vacuum your keyboard once a month, etc.).