Check out Kimball’s Nate & Natty

Kimball’s Nate & Natty™ line portrays a welcome aesthetic with functionality that fosters well-being and engagement.

Nate & Natty is an adaptable seating collection that provides balance and comfort, while being versatile and intentionally simplistic in form.

As real estate continues to diminish in the workplace, it was important to designers Pam Light and John Duffy to create a seating collection that could scale to fit this reducing footprint. Leaning towards a residential design, but doing so gracefully, was the preface for the concept of the collection. The form for Nate & Natty are intentionally simple, yet still vibrantly enhance a space. Another key element of the design was versatility. The collection has to be adaptable so it can live with a client for a long period of time, providing balance that allows diversity of people in the space to feel comfortable. The ability to offer mix of materials, textures and colors make Nate & Natty a lively offering with a fresh approach to standard seating.