Meet our clients: EdR


A national leader in collegiate housing since 1964, EdR has built a reputation for creative thinking, innovative financing and design, quality construction, sustainable building techniques and successful management programs for others’ properties as well as their own. EdR serves universities and third-party owners through its primary service lines: Development and Financing Construction Oversight Management and Residence Life Whether on- or off-campus, the EdR team has done it all.

  • On-campus developments and renovations
  • On-campus total housing replacement/revitalization projects
  • Off-campus acquisitions
  • Off-campus developments
  • Third-party development projects
  • Joint-venture partnerships and projects
  • Living-Learning communities
  • Mixed-use retail components


EdR’s portfolio features a variety of communities at our nation’s top universities. Each community — whether on-campus or off-campus — was designed to uniquely fit the personality, setting and needs of each university and its intended residents.


With nearly 50 years’ experience in collegiate housing, EdR is committed to a partnership with its university clients. Their experienced team works in close collaboration with you to align our goals in every aspect of the project. They give you their financial, construction, design and management expertise to help ensure that your collegiate housing vision is realized and successful.


EdR has had successful partnerships with other developers to create or finance projects across the United States. They have entered into joint venture agreements to provide financing and construction oversight assistance.


As an experienced public company with a successful track record, they have the capacity to finance on-campus or off-campus developments, and acquisitions with its own equity or via loans with lending institutions. They primarily provide financing through three different packages — EdR’s On Campus Equity Plan or ONE PlanSM, The ONE Plan PLUSSM or traditional tax-exempt bond financing. They are also known to be innovative with mezzanine loans, for example, and have received awards for their creative financing efforts and packages.


EdR is a consistent and frequent buyer of purpose-built collegiate housing communities. They offer the seller fast and reliable offers and payment, timely follow-through and execution, and focused transaction management.


From a 22-story upscale, urban apartment building at Johns Hopkins Medical Institute to a community of individual cottages just off the University of Mississippi campus, or a freshmen-dedicated living-learning center in California or graduate student/faculty apartments with mixed-use retail at the University of Connecticut, the EdR team has what it takes to get the job done. Interior Design is a new addition to its Construction Oversight team. Focused on student housing, they research opportunities based on trends, market innovations and long-term financial viability.


EdR offers a full-service interior design team, no matter the project size. They’ve designed projects both on-campus and off-campus and each are unique to each university’s requirements and personalities. With a focus specifically based on student housing, they research the latest trends, market innovations and long-term financial viability.


EdR is committed to staying at the forefront of the effort to protect the environment, serving their collegiate partners and saving energy dollars through efficient building products, methods and systems. EdR views green design and building as both a responsibility and an opportunity. Our experience has shown that, when properly designed and executed, sustainable practices and features make long‐term economic sense for all stakeholders.