See Inside: Memphis Teacher Residency

We recently wrapped an exciting new project with Memphis Teacher Residency (MTR) in the new Crosstown Concourse building in Midtown Memphis, Tennessee. 

The project consisted of 19,742 square feet of 4 classrooms, a library, 23 offices, 5 meeting rooms, a teacher lounge, a staff workroom, and several collaboration areas for the 297 teachers that are served through the organization. MTR, which serves 38 schools in six neighborhoods, needed a space that was not only visually appealing, but also functional for the  organization’s unique needs. 

Larry Ray Reed

Larry Ray Reed

We sat down with Larry Ray Reed, the Director of Operations & Finance for MTR, to recap his experience with Office Interiors.

Q: What was the main goal when first considering your office furniture strategy? 

A: We wanted our furniture to fit the modern vibe of our space but to also be somewhat timeless.  We didn’t want to look at our furniture in a few years and say “that was so 2017.”  

Q: Were there any trends you knew you wanted to include or avoid? 

A: I should’ve kept a tally board of how many of our staff made it a point to request standing desks.  When we realized that height-adjustable desks were an economical option, we knew we wanted to give this feature to our staff.

Q: Why did you select HON and OFS products?  

A: The brands we chose were really because of Nancy’s recommendation.  I was, however, already a huge fan of HON so I was excited when their products were a part of the proposal.  

Q: What was the easiest part of the office furniture procurement process?  

A: The bid materials they provided to me were top-notch (and far better than what we received as a part of other bids).  The color-coded floor plan and presentation slides made sharing with my colleagues very easy.

Q: Why did you choose Office Interiors? 

A: We got bids from three different companies.  Office Interiors had the quickest turnaround after each meeting and honestly seemed like they wanted to work for our business.  Nancy was super-easy to work with.  I had confidence that she was trying to get us the best deal possible, that she wanted our selections to be as beautiful as they were functional, and that she wanted us to be fully happy. 

Q: Would you recommend a colleague use Office Interiors?  

A: Yes.  And I have.  So many people have walked through our space and commented specifically on our furniture.  I’ve been told over and over again that we have the most comfortable classroom chairs ever.  Our staff and professors love the versatility of our classroom furniture, and you never know just how you might find a room setup.