Serious sustainability with Humanscale

Office Interiors chooses our product partners and manufacturers scrupulously. And one we're proud to carry is Humanscale with their commitment to ecological sustainability and Net Positive Products.

They offer 26 Net Positive certified products that take the environment into account in ways this industry hasn't seen. Humanscale's certification is measured on seven impact categories. First considered is where their materials are sourced and also how water is utilized in the manufacturing process. The type of energy resources used must be renewable energy sources that operate in a pollution-free manner. The manufactured item has to ultimately increase happiness and well being. The materials used have to help create a materials economy that is healthy, ecologically restorative, transparent and socially equitable. And finally, the products have to be created equitably and result in beauty.

Humanscale's newest task chair, Liberty Ocean, literally embodies their commitment to a T. Each chair manufactured contains at least 2 pounds of recycled fishing net recovered from the oceans, and beautifully pairs with most styles and decor. In addition to being ecologically responsible, this chair has incredible comfort features. Our favorite is the no-knob, no-lever adjustment to the users' body. Humanscale's form-sensing mesh back and self-adjusting lumbar support creates a customized fit for each user. We also love the self-adjusting recline that instantly provides perfect back support, regardless of the sitter’s size or weight. No more wiggling and scooting to get the right height, support or angle.

In addition to the feel good aspects of this chair, each one is covered by a 15 year warranty.



Humanscale Liberty Ocean Task Chair