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The recent pandemic saw many people relocate their office space to their homes as they became remote employees. Working from your couch and coffee table may be fine for a day or two, but isn’t a permanent solution. As more workers transitioned to permanent remote work situations, the need for an actual home office space became clear.


One of the key components of a dedicated home workspace is an office desk. However, employees with limited spaces, such as those in a studio apartment, have difficulty finding room to set up a workstation.


This is where we come in. At Office Interiors, we pride ourselves on some of the best stylish and innovative desks for small spaces. With these desks, you can find room for your computer or laptop, space to store your office supplies, and still find enough room to work. Our desks come in varied shapes and sizes, such as the L-shaped model or the bookcase desk with plenty of storage space.

Benefits of a Dedicated Home Office Nook

Working from has numerous challenges, including balancing your work and personal life. Even if your home office consists of a single corner desk and a comfortable desk chair, having a dedicated home office desk can help you get more done at work.

A proper desk for working from home can also:

Minimize Distractions and Help You Focus

Having a home office desk in a dedicated workspace helps you focus on your work without the usual distraction around. Working at a desk also helps you resist the temptation to tackle other chores that are not work-related.

Help Boost Productivity

A dedicated office desk, even if it’s a compact desk, still offers plenty of surface space to work with and is one of the best ways to boost productivity. It also means you don't have to share a table with the rest of the family, in turn minimizing distractions. And having a dedicated desk also gives you a regular workspace, helping bring consistency and routine to your work.

Help Improve Work-Life Balance

A dedicated desk can help you enjoy better work-life balance. You can easily detach from your work day and “leave the office” just by getting up from your desk. At the same time, your work-related materials have a specific place to be – so you can get right back to work the next day.

Our small desks for small spaces are designed to help improve your work-life balance while boosting productivity, and make an attractive addition to your home. Whether you choose an L-shaped desk that makes the most of an unused corner, a bookcase desk with extra storage, a versatile table desk or a simple and elegant credenza, we have several affordable desk options to help you create the perfect home office.


For many years, Office Interiors has dedicated itself to providing clients in Memphis, TN, with the best services and quality furniture. Orders made before noon are shipped to customers the same day. Shop with us today!