• Design for life: Rethinking the office to promote activity

    via JLL Today’s workplaces are increasingly being designed with movement in mind to help promote employee health and boost productivity. Office life has traditionally been sedentary, but as more companies and their employees prioritise healthier lifestyles, workplaces are finding new ways to get people moving.  From locating desks further from printers to providing shower rooms […]
  • Create a happier, healthier work environment with office plants

    via Humanscale According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the average American spends 93% of their life indoors. For times when it’s impossible to get outside, indoor plants offer an easy, inexpensive way to bring the beauty of nature right into your office. In addition to the earthy atmosphere they create, plants provide a host […]
  • What your office tells you about your company’s culture

    by Ben Edwards & Sol Sender via Quartz at Work Image courtesy of Reuters/Noah Berger The next time you get into the office, take a good look around. What are the characteristics of your space? How does it make you feel you should behave? Who do you think it was built for? What kind of […]
  • Open-plan office design is ripe for reinvention

    by Helen Berresford via Property Week Image courtesy of Shutterstock/Monkey Business Images There is no doubt that open-plan design has helped create more collaborative and less hierarchical workplace cultures. However, the proliferation of open spaces needs careful stewardship, because without this, we are in danger of creating spaces that are out of touch with the […]
  • The Importance of Movement in the Workplace

    via AllSteel Today’s office workers have the tendency and ability to be more sedentary than ever before thanks, in part, to advancements in technology, transportation, and entertainment. Research studies calling attention to the negative health implications of prolonged seated postures are simultaneously timely and terrifying. Click to get moving
  • Novo collection

    via SitOnIt Seating High-traffic handled like a pro. The Novo® task stool adds mobility and ergonomic comfort (read: low stress) to this bustling, collaborative workspace. Click to see the collection

    by ROBIN WECKESSER via Work Design Image via A seismic change is about to hit the workplace. No, it’s not an earthquake, but it will shake facilities nationwide. While Millennials at work continue to make noise and generate headlines, quietly falling under the radar is the fact that Generation Z—those born between 1994 and […]
  • Why sit-stand desks alone won’t end the risks of sedentary working

    by Jennifer Fraser via Personnel Today Most people in employment spend more of their waking hours at work than at home, so the workplace is a good place to start the education process of the health benefits of a less sedentary lifestyle.  Click to Read more
  • Today’s private offices can be more flexible than ever

    via Allsteel By adding a writable surface, guest seating, and height-adjustable workstations, the private office can suddenly transform into a small group meeting space.  Click to see more
  • How to stay awake in class

    via SitOnIt Seating Flexible seating solutions that support your natural micro-movements (a bright, wake-you-up shade helps, too). Click to view the solutions
  • Low-cost ways to add colour and productivity to your workplace

    by Hajra Rahim via The Telegraph  From growing plants from seed to making quirky decorations from leftover bamboo, SMEs share some cost-effective ways to make your office space more productive.  CLICK TO READ More
  • The 3 Things You Need to Be Happy at Work

    by Annie McKee via Thrive Global Image courtesy of Unsplash Life is too short to be unhappy at work. So, happiness matters. And to be truly happy at work, we need purpose, hope, and friendships. CLICK TO READ ALL 3 WAYS