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  • Mentally Strong People: The 13 Things They Avoid

    by Cheryl Conner via Forbes For all the time executives spend concerned about physical strength and health, when it comes down to it, mental strength can mean even more. Click to read more
  • With Millennials in Mind, Office Designs May Go Back to College

    by Genevieve Douglas via HR Blog Workers in 2018 may feel like they’re back at their alma maters as companies redesign work spaces to cater to millennials. Open office spaces are out, while collaborative spaces are in. Click to see more
  • Making Your Office Inconvenient For Employees Can Have These Surprising Positive Effects

    by Jeff Pochepan via Inc. Image by Getty Images We’re at an interesting crossroads in office design where many companies are looking for solutions that will help them work better. Some companies are designing their offices in order to work harder, faster, and automate or streamline everything for convenience. Others are taking a different approach, […]
  • See Our Work: Germantown Athletic Club (GAC)

    We recently completed work at the renovated Germantown Athletic Club, a full-service fitness facility located in one of the most desirable communities in the MidSouth.   As part of GAC’s 3 to 4 year renovation, the facility recently renovated the upstairs lobby area, to include an improved lounge area, customer service desk, conference space, and […]

    by Priyansha Mistry via The HR Digest According to Haworth’s research, companies need to provide different spaces to foster innovation at work. Offices tend to promote only one kind of work – they are either, open and collaborative, or they’re highly segmented. Modern workplace design is all about finding the right balance between these two […]
  • Humanscale M/Connect 2 updates split-level dock with 5K monitor support, USB-C charging

    by Malcolm Owen via AppleInsider Ergonomic design firm Humanscale has updated one of its compact docks for the workplace, with the M/Connect 2 retaining the split docking station design while introducing USB-C charging and enabling the connection of higher-resolution monitors to the accessory.  Check it out
  • Meet Our Clients: Lab Express

    We are thrilled to share a recently completed project with you! In concert with the masterminds at UrbanARCH, our team at Office Interiors created a beautiful, functional workspace space for our client, Lab Express. We listened to the client’s needs and worked collaboratively with our colleagues at UrbanARCH to turn their vision into a reality.  […]
  • Product Feature: Mention by First Office

    First Office Mention Series of products is an affordable simple, modern lounge with a slender profile for an inviting aesthetic ideal for third spaces, private office and public places. Transitional styling with muted design touches, such as contrasting fabrics, presents a choice to blend in or stand out in a variety of environments. See more at:
  • 6 health benefits of ergonomic chairs at work

    by Shraddha Rupavate via Sitting in the same position at work exerts pressure on your spine. Here’s why you need a work-friendly chair. Do you spend more than 6 hours at your work desk? Do you normally experience pain (in the back, shoulders and neck) at the end of the day after leaving from work? […]
  • Don’t Get Too Comfortable at That Desk

    By STEVE LOHR at The New York Times Renovated Microsoft offices have a variety of work spaces for employees. Left, a phone-booth-style room for privacy, and right, an isolation room. (Stuart Isett for The New York Times) First there were individual offices. Then cubicles and open floor plans. Now, there is a “palette of places.” New […]
  • Power On: IDEON’s lounge lines allow you to plug in

      Designed to work anywhere—so you can work everywhere.  IDEON’s popular Visit Modular® and Composium® lounge lines now offer flexible power modules so you can create convenient charging stations and collaborative work spaces wherever you need them. Spill-proof and tamper-resistant, each factory-installed module is UL listed and features 1 AC outlet and dual USB ports. […]